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A Tale Of Two Daves

The Daves Show name was created for Dave and Dave on August 7th, 2010 as part of a short-lived internet radio show. Both Daves however, had met many years earlier in 1998, when the brother of one of the Daves introduced him to the other Dave. Little did the two Daves know, they would soon embark on an entertainment journey that would span across the next 13 years of their lives. During that time, over the course of many weekends, an assemblage of recordings was produced. Though mostly audio songs and a few short films were introduced as the main course, it wasn't until the later years that the Daves really started honing their skills, sharpening their wits and cranking out their videos. Their repertoire includes such originals as: music videos, short films, celebrity impressions, beer reviews, product commercials, public service announcements and mockumentaries. The Daves Show is the result of a time-tested friendship mixed with a multitude of talent, creativity and support from their fans, friends and families. In the beginning, one thing that was often heard was that they had potential. Although it would be more than a decade before they would acquire the name, one thing that is often heard about this dynamic duo today, is that they have always been and will always be The Daves Show.


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